Baptismal Information / Información Bautismal


The Sacrament of Baptism forgives sin and includes the child as a member of the Body of Christ in the Church. Faith is a necessary condition of baptism and if the child is not old enough to accept this promise of faith, the parents and godparents stand in for the child. It is the parents’ responsibility to raise the child in the faith until he or she is able to personally accept it. It is very similar to raising a child to eat well, be moral, safe, and educated. None of these things happen overnight. In the same way, receiving baptism without any obligation to live out the faith is a grave disservice to the child as well as the parents who are promising something that they do not intend to carry out.
We at St. James want parents and godparents to understand and accept their critical roles for their sakes and the sake of the child. Therefore, our baptismal requirements reflect this. We would be more than happy to explain this philosophy of baptism in greater detail if you have any questions. Please read over the baptismal policy below and be familiar with your rights and responsibilities. Also, please understand that they are intended to be a minimal indication of the commitment needed by the parents and godparents. Baptism of a child is an awesome responsibility and blessing and it is our prayer that it will not only be accepted, but embraced as a means to bring about blessing in the lives of the child, parents, and godparents.

Baptismal Preparation Process:

The first step for having your child baptized is to call the parish office at (503) 472-5232. We will take your information and add your name to the upcoming baptismal preparation class. The classes are held on the first Monday of the month at 6pm for English in the parish office and the first Wednesday of every month at 6pm in the church for Spanish. Our Baptisms are monthly on the third Saturday of each month. English baptisms are at 9:00 am and Spanish Baptisms are at 10:00 am. Just click the links below to find the baptismal information and downloadable Mass Commentary forms that you will need:

Baptismal Information
Mass Commentary Form

Información Baptismal
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