Pastoral Council

Our Pastoral Council was formed in 2017 to begin the process of putting together a Pastoral Plan for St. James Catholic Church and also to advise the priests and parish staff on the pastoral work of the parish. As of fall, 2018, the Pastoral Plan has been completed and we are now in the implementation stage of the process. The expectation is that all ministries will be directed toward the vision contained in the Pastoral Plan. We are always looking for help putting our Pastoral Plan into effect. If you would like to help or if you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to talk to priests, staff, or members of the Pastoral Council.
Click Below to see the Pastoral Plan:

St. James Catholic Church Pastoral Plan

Pastoral Plan PDF Presentation Summary

Ashley Hyder

Kody Quinlan

Juan Flores

Bill Palloto

Irene Flores

Rich Harris

Kristi Ward

Joe Amerson

Wayne Clemmer