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We offer Funeral Services for Catholics and will do what we can to help friends and families of deceased loved ones to experience the love of God and His Church. In addition to funerals we can often offer receptions in the parish hall.  Please read our policy for receptions below.  Please call the parish office for details, arrangements, and availability. We also advise that you contact us before the funeral parlor so that you can save duplication of services and better plan knowing the options available.

An Explanation for Our Funeral Reception Policy:

Funeral receptions are available on most weekdays after 1:00 pm.  We would like to be able to offer them before that time, but the school lunches and classes make that impossible except when school is not in session.  There may be other events and functions that can interfere with open times, so please contact the parish office for any potential scheduling.  We don’t open up the hall for receptions on weekends because we don’t have the ability to do it. We need to reserve the space for youth group, classes, retreats, and liturgical functions. We also need to allow our Masses, confessions, and regular liturgical to be the only things we do during those times. Our weekends are filled with various other activities such as baptisms, weddings, quinceañeras, and we just don’t have the ability to open the gym up to receptions for these groups. 

A list of funeral readings are provided at this link:
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Una lista de lecturas de una funeral:
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