2021 Fall Campaign:

“As for me and my house!” – Joshua 24:15
“Por mi parte y mi casa!” – Josué 24:15

Relevant Scriptures:
“Now, therefore, fear the LORD and serve him completely and sincerely. Cast out the gods your ancestors served beyond the river and in Egypt, and serve the LORD. If it is displeasing to you to serve the LORD, choose today whom you will serve, the gods your ancestors served beyond the river or the gods of the Amorites in whose country you are dwelling. As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD!” – Joshua 24:14-15

“¡Ahora, pues, teman a Yavé! ¡Sírvanle con sinceridad y fidelidad! ¡Eliminen los dioses a los que sus padres sirvieron tanto más allá del Río como en Egipto, y sirvan a Yavé! Pero si no quieren servir a Yavé, elijan ahora a quién servirán: o bien a los dioses a los que sus padres sirvieron más allá del Río, o bien a los dioses de los Amoreos en el país donde viven. Por mi parte y mi casa serviremos al Señor!” – Josué 24:14-15

The Campaign:
Every year in the fall, St. James promotes stewardship in specific ways. First, we encourage stewardship and regular tithing. Secondly, we identify projects that need to be done to ensure that we are keeping up on maintenance and improving our facilities. Lastly, we are encouraging spiritual commitments. This year we are using the story of Joshua to encourage us to put our hearts, souls, and lives in service to the Lord.
The story of Joshua in Exodus 24:15 drives home the importance of our determination to actively practice our faith. Joshua was encouraging the future Israelites to be faithful as they crossed the Jordan River and settled the land of Israel after being freed from slavery in Egypt. It was not enough for them to “live in the land”, they were called to thrive in the land by following the Lord in an active and deliberate way. In a similar way, it’s not enough for us to say “I’m Catholic” if we aren’t practicing our faith by active prayer, worship, service, and support.
In the next three weeks we will be discussing the tithing process and how offering our time, treasure, and talent helps us and the parish to thrive. Our specific projects include fixing our main church doors, continuing to fix the church siding, installing security cameras, and doing rectory maintenance. Our total cost of all projects will be between $65,000 and $80,000. You will find specific information on our floor standing sign holders as well as the flyers in the back of the church.
Please give generously and be especially attentive to the spiritual and overall goals of our campaign which are to build up our parish families and our local church.
God bless you and thank you for your support,
Father Mike

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La Campaña:

“En cuanto a mí y mi casa …” Campaña
Cada an o en el otoño, St. James promueve la mayordomía de maneras específicas. Primero, alentamos la mayordomía y el diezmo regular. En segundo lugar, identificamos los proyectos que deben realizarse para asegurarnos de que estamos al día con el mantenimiento y mejorando nuestras instalaciones. Por ultimo, estamos fomentando los compromisos espirituales. Este an o usamos la historia de Josue para animarnos a poner nuestro corazón, alma y vida al servicio del Señor.
La historia de Josue en Exodo 24:15 enfatiza la importancia de nuestra determinación de practicar activamente nuestra fe. Josue animaba a los futuros Israelitas a ser fieles al cruzar el río Jordan y asentarse en la tierra de Israel después de ser liberados de la esclavitud en Egipto. No era suficiente para ellos “vivir en la tierra”, fueron llamados a prosperar en la tierra siguiendo al Sen or de una manera activa y deliberada. De manera similar, no es suficiente que digamos “Soy Católico” si no practicamos nuestra fe a través de la oración activa, la adoración, el servicio y el apoyo.
En las próximas tres semanas discutiremos el proceso del diezmo y co mo ofrecer nuestro tiempo, tesoro y talento nos ayuda a nosotros y a la parroquia a prosperar. Nuestros proyectos específicos incluyen arreglar las puertas principales de la iglesia, continuar arreglando el revestimiento (siding) de la iglesia, instalar ca maras de seguridad y hacer el mantenimiento de la rectoría.
Nuestro costo total de todos los proyectos estará entre $65,000 y $80,000. Encontrara información específica en nuestros letreros, así como en los volantes en la parte trasera de la iglesia. Por favor, de generosamente y este especialmente atento a los objetivos espirituales y generales de nuestra campaña, que son para fortalecer nuestras familias parroquiales y nuestra iglesia local.
Dios los bendiga y gracias por su apoyo,
Padre Mike

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Friends of St. James School Campaign:

Dear St. James School Supporter,

We are reaching out to you today with an urgent need. In the last few years St. James School has made a lot of progress in many ways and we have a very good plan for our future, but this year has created an exceptional circumstance.

As you are aware the Covid-19 Pandemic has had a wide ranging and serious impact. We depend on many sources of revenue to maintain St. James Catholic School. One of our major sources, the Wine and Food Classic, was cancelled. We were able to take money from the endowment fund to cover a significant amount of the loss from this year’s event but need to find a way to cover the remaining $70,000. In addition, we are working hard to overcome the potential future difficulties this pandemic will cause.

St. James School has an important place in the overall welfare of our Catholic community. Therefore, we are asking for your help in two specific ways. First of all, through a financial contribution that, in combination with others, we hope will be enough to offset our current shortfall. Secondly, through the formation of a “Friends of St. James” core group from leaders like you who will work on development in the future.

Although this is a difficult time for everyone, we ask that you pray for God’s guidance in making this important decision. You can use the donation page from St. James School here, or you can call the office if you wish at 503-472-2661. For those who donate $1,000 or more, please make sure to indicate if you would also like to be a member of the core team to help with development and promotion.

We thank you for your prayerful consideration of this request and as always you are in our prayers.


Fr. Mike and the staff and faculty of St. James Catholic School and Church.



Investing in God’s Kingdom

A lifestyle of generosity will help us to be more invested and committed as Christians and as a church to spreading the Gospel plan and message in the Yamhill Valley and in the world.

Why Give?
Money and church support can be a touchy subject, but it shouldn’t be. We all know that the church needs the generosity of its parishioners in order to survive. But let’s be honest, don’t we want a church that does more than just survive? Parish goals are reached when the parish is well managed and well supported. Our pledge is to continue to manage the parish resources well and efficiently.

From Tax to Investment:
In order to truly appreciate giving, we often need to look at it differently and move from seeing it as a tax to seeing it as an investment in Jesus’ Kingdom.
Some see giving to the church as they would a tax. We do it because it is an obligation but we aren’t happy about having to do it. Some have moved beyond that and see it as a donation. We are giving in order for some charitable activity to happen.  Some see giving as a direct investment of oneself into the Kingdom of God and our participation in it. This is the best way for a Christian to give since we are actively serving our God and seeing that as our share in his work. This helps faith to come alive.
I really believe this is our ultimate goal. If we see God’s Church as our Church and willingly give as a part of our participation in the work and ministry of the Church, our attitude will be much different. We will be excited to see God’s action and life. We will be enthusiastic seeing new people come to share in God’s grace and love. We will be doing our best to do God’s will in our own lives as well as encouraging that in the lives of others.

Additional Ways to Give
Determine your discretionary hours by subtracting out your work hours, sleep, and mandatory obligations. Consider your discretionary time and tithe a percentage of that for supporting and building up God’s work.
Consider your talents and expertise. Could any of these be used to support and build up the Church and God’s work in the community in some way?
Wills and Estates:
When planning a will, consider tithing a portion of that as well to continue some particular work or ministry that is important to you.
Passions and Hobbies Can = Ministry:
Do you have a passion for something that can serve God? Think about how to put your interests and passions to use for his glory. You will be surprised how a little creative thinking can accomplish some great things.
Phone calls, letters, a few words of encouragement and support for others can be inspiring and uplifting to a church family.
Evangelize and Promote:
Jesus wants his message of love and salvation to go out to all. Do your part to get it out there.
Offer prayer for the sake of the Church and the people who are ministering in God’s name.

Online DonationPhone Donation

Giving Options:

Regular Offertory Envelopes: Call Ana at the office (503-472-5232) to have envelopes sent to you. It keeps your gifts regular, confidential, and it helps us to have your information accurate for tax purposes.
Automatic Bank Withdrawals: Call Tami at the office (503-472-5232) for more information or talk to your bank since most can arrange this system.
Credit and Debit Cards: We can accept credit cards and debit cards to make it convenient. Information can be found by calling the office or by simply setting it up through the websites below.
Website: Donations can be made through the EFT Corporation Secure Site by following the links provided below:

Click Here to Give to the Church EFT:

Click Here to Give to the Church Using “Text to Give”:

Participating with Envelopes

Registering helps you to stay in touch with what is going on in the parish. It also helps us to be able to communicate with you in cases of emergency and other important events. We will not share your information with outside agencies and organizations outside of the Church. Part of the process is receiving envelopes that are mailed to you to be used. There are several advantages. They help us to keep track of your contributions for tax purposes, they help you to participate in the Presentation of the Gifts during Mass, and they help you to plan your giving. We recommend that even if you enroll in online giving that you use your envelopes during Mass so that you can participate in the offertory at Mass. Let us know if you aren’t receiving them and we’ll help you to receive them.