Mass Sign Up Instructions

Please read instructions carefully

The link for June is here:

Mass Sign Ups:

1. Remember that the Sunday obligation is still lifted. This means any Mass during the week (weekdays as well as weekend Mass) is as good as a Sunday Mass.  Look for days and times that work for you and especially take advantage of the weekdays.
2. Sign up for any Mass you want to go to.  The process to sign up is given below.  There is an instructional video at the bottom and the link to sign up.
3. Please let others who might not have heard yet that we are offering Mass, point them to the website, and explain to them how to sign up.


Who should not come:
• Anyone who is elderly and/or compromised in health should consider not coming.
• Anyone who is sick or showing any cold or flu like symptoms cannot come.
The dispensation from Mass by Archbishop Sample is still in effect and no one is required to come. We will also still stream the Sunday Masses and other events on the St. James McMinnville YouTube channel, and it will be linked from the St. James McMinnville Facebook page.

For now we will be providing Masses:
• At St. James (for its Parishioners only):
• Monday-Friday at 8:30am and 6pm (English and Spanish options)
• Saturday at 5pm (English) and 7pm (Spanish)
• Sunday at 9am and 10am (English)
• Sunday at 11am and 12pm (Spanish)

• At Good Shepherd in Sheridan (for Parishioners of Good Shepherd and St. Michael only): Masses at 8:30am and 10am on Sunday (English).

• Confessions are available by appointment only. Please email or call either Fr. Mike or Fr. Joseph to schedule it.

You are asked to:
• Keep a 6-foot distance from others at all time (family members can sit together).
• Sit in the assigned pews that have been sanitized and arranged for social distance.
• Do not touch your face or anything else that you don’t have to.
• Wear a mask if possible. If singing, it is required (only the two Saturday Masses sing).
• Plan to be at the church at least 5 minutes before Mass time to avoid traffic at the entrance.
• After Mass finishes, please leave soon to enable time for the next group.
• Each person, including family members, MUST sign-up in advance before coming to Mass.
• Sign-up is online at
• We can’t take signups by phone messages, email, facebook messages, or texts.
• You can call the parish office and we will try to assist you between 4pm-6pm (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) or between 10am-12pm (Wednesdays and Fridays).
Instructions for signing up a family:
To sign up your whole family, you will need to add family members individually on the site:
Initial signup with your name, email, and address.
After that click “save and add another person” for the next name.
In the next box, don’t put in an email, but do put in the same phone number.
Keep adding additional people until done.
Finally click “save and done” and it saves all the names. LinkVideo Instructions