Attending Mass

As of March 12, 2022

We Are Open:

We are fully open at this time and our weekend and daily Masses are accessible to those who would like to attend.  This is also true with our religious education programs and official parish functions.  Please check our bulletin for current schedules of activities.  Additional information is given below:

Mass Obligation:

The obligation to attend Mass remains in place.  However, the usual reasons which may excuse a member of the faithful from attending Mass also remain in place. For example: the sick, their caretakers, and anyone with serious health concerns or grave fear of illness which necessitates avoiding large public gatherings should should participate in online options and/or devote themselves to prayer for a reasonable amount of time. If you would like to view our livestream Masses, you can find them at the St. James McMinnville YouTube page:

Specific Requirements:

Face masks are not required for indoor faith gatherings and meetings.  We are still providing hand sanitizer in the back and providing spare masks if someone would like to use them.  We are not shaking hands during the sign of peace but offering a slight bow during that time.

Please demonstrate charity and patience to one another as we all stuggle to do our best to show reasonable precaution to deal with the pandemic in the present and future.